Forex Trend EA

Forex trend EA works along with the market current trend and it can detect the market trend automatically. There are many people who lose their money because they can't find the right trend and because of going against to the market trend they lose a lot of money. But in our forex trend EA it uses a professional forex trend strategy that helps the EA to place orders according to trend and make a good profit without risking a huge amount of money and drawdowns. 

This is a fully automatic forex EA to trade in forex market. Also its fully auto adjustable for all the market conditions, you doesn't need any manual operation. the EA can handle all the situations by itself. The money management system in the EA is very perfect and this money management system helps the EA to win in almost every market condition.

EA can work on all the brokers and all account types. It can adjust itself according to account type and broker requirements. Only one time and same installation is required for all the brokers and account types.

Main Features

Fully Automatic
Tested on Live Accounts
Non Stop Running
Auto Adjust too All Brokers
Works on All Market Conditions
Freedom of Manual Trade
Lowest Risk Highest Profit
Place Orders Only in Trend
Easy and One Time Installation

EA Requirements


3000$ or more than 3000$ balance required to run this EA


Minimum 1:200 leverage or more than that.


Maximum 5 pips or less than 5 pips spread would be fine

Operating Computer

Maximum 5 pips or less than 5 pips spread would be fine

Risk & Return
Expected Profit
30% to 60%
Expected Drawdown
10% to 30%