Forex News EA

We offer you the best forex news trading EA. Because we haven't seen any EA yet that works like our forex news trading EA. Our forex news trading EA working fully automatically and detect all the market news automatically. It doesn't need again and again installation for detecting news or doesn't even need to watch live while on news timing. The EA has strong abilityt to adjust with all the economic news automatically. 

The EA uses fixed take profit and fixed stop loss system including trailing stops and other options. The EA simply place pending orders just a moment before the economics news and then any of the order will be triggered and EA can manage other pending orders and opening orders by itself. 

The forex news ea doesn't only works on events but it also keep watching th emarket, anytime the fast movement comes in the market it place the pending orders for the trade. All the inputs are adjustable in the EA to adjust the EA according to your choice of trading. 

Main Features

Fully Automatic

Automatically Find News

Auto Start and Auto Stop

Trailing Stops, TP / SL

Detect other fast movements in market

Ultimate money management system

Just one time installation

No manual operation required

Works almost all brokers

Tested on live accounts

Working on multiple pairs in the same time

Requires lowest deposit

Our Process


The can work on 500$ or if the deposit is higher that would be much better


1:500 or higher leverage is required to run this EA


3 to 4 pips spread is ok. but if the spread is less than that, it would be much better

Operating Computer

The EA can even work on local computer. But you must open your computer and install the EA everytime. So better to use VPS so you won't lose any opportunity

Risk $ Return

10% to 15% expected drawdown


About 20% to 25% profit can be expected